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Revelation SkyCeilings

Revelation SkyCeilings Gridless Artificial Skylight

Sky Factory's Revelation SkyCeiling, with its large, self-supporting gridwork, provides the most engaging biophilic illusion of sky available for larger rooms and higher ceilings, transforming deep-plan enclosed interiors into beautiful, healthier and more restorative environments.
The enhanced dimensions and angled profile of the Revelation SkyCeiling™ make it an ideal architectural feature for the higher ceilings found in most commercial, corporate, and public spaces. In ceilings greater than 9 ft. (2.74 m.) in height, the Revelation SkyCeiling™ creates a captivating, geometrically sculpted portal to nature.

How Revelation SkyCeilings Work

1. Lighting Systems
The Revelation SkyCeiling utilizes the standard EcoPlus LED lighting system or the low-profile EcoSlim™ LED lighting system to provide daylight quality light. Each lighting system requires a different vertical clearance. The Revelation EcoPlus requires 8.5" (21.6cm) from the bottom of the grid to the top of the fixture, and the Revelation EcoSlim requires 6.25" (15.9cm) from the bottom of the grid to the top of the fixture.

Lighting Options

2. Image Tiles
Sky Factory Luminous SkyTiles™ are translucent, high-resolution, photographic reproductions on durable, lightweight acrylic panels that convey the color, scale, and perspective of actual skies using the company's proprietary Open Skies Image Technology™. Standard SkyTile sizes are 3' x 3' (90 cm x 90 cm), 3' x 4' (90 cm x 120 cm), 3' x 6' (90 cm x 180 cm), 4' x 4' (120 cm x 120 cm), and 4' x 6' (120 cm x 180 cm).Image Library

3. Grid Ceiling (or Hard Ceiling)
Client-provided standard or custom ceiling grid or hard ceiling opening.

4. Architectural Elevators
Patented Sky Factory SkyTile Elevators recess SkyTiles above the grid, creating a robust structural appearance that mimics the support framework of a genuine skylight.


Key benefits

  • Enhanced illusion of an architectural skylight
  • Dramatically and affordably transforms interior spaces
  • Profound biophilic engagement with Sky Factory's Open Skies Image Technology™
  • Increased relaxation and psycho-physiological restoration - direct result of enhanced biophilic engagement

Key features

  • Supports large image panels up to 4' x 6', plus custom sizes (i.e. 3' x 6')
  • Unique and proprietary mega-format digital images
  • Image recessed with angled reveal
  • Independent, modular system works with or without ceiling grid
  • Flexible custom sizing
  • Simple installation
  • Optional integrated dimmable LED lighting

Elevator Comparison

Classic elevator
Revelation elevator

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