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Snow Geese Soaring Overhead

Spectacular Skies Capture a Glimpse of Spring Migration

Written by: Sky Factory Team

Explore our new collection of Spring Migration Open Sky Compositions featuring flocks of traveling snow geese in their characteristic V-shape flying formation. Flying at an altitude of up to 7,500 feet, the Snow Goose (Anser caerulescens) is a migratory waterbird that flies in groups of up to 1,000 birds in long diagonal lines. This formation enables the flock to conserve the most energy. Ornithologists estimate that by maintaining their emblematic formations, an entire flock can travel about 70% farther than flying alone.

Available in a variety of scales ranging from mid to high altitude formations, this select Spring Migration series is available for both rectilinear (Revelation SkyCeiling) and curvilinear (Aperture SkyCeiling) skylights.

By rotating the pointer position where breaking the flow of air burns the most energy, the flock is able to conserve its collective strength before a new member assumes the demanding lead position. This ingenious system rewards larger groups, which become a sight to behold during their annual migration routes.

Catch a glimpse of an incredible annual migration overhead. Sky Factory artists introduce a select number of Sky Factory’s Open Sky Compositions featuring beautiful Spring Foliage and Clouds, or blue skies and Cumulus Clouds, along with discernible flying formation of snow geese.

Snow Geese commence their northward migration as early as February in the American southeast and northern Mexico and reach their breeding grounds by the end of May. In the fall, the birds fly south beginning in September. Their journey usually lasts 3 to 4 months and it completed by December.

The largest geographic corridor spans from northeastern Canada and runs through the American Midwest as thousands of snow geese seek the warmth of the southeastern United States and the Mexican states bordering the Gulf of Mexico at winter’s outset while returning northward as spring approaches.

“The wild geese flying south

Are calling with clear voices

And wings like arrows beating

The empty sky.”

             -- Wang Wei

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